Jewish Holidays
Shown are the Jewish months of the year and their holidays. An asterisk after the name of the holiday indicates that it is of biblical origin.
  • Nissan: Passover*, on the 15th day of the month for 7 days.
  • Iyyar: Lag B'Omer, on the 18th day for one day.
  • Sivan: Shavuot*, on the 6th day, for one day.
  • Tammuz: Shiva Sar B' Tammuz, on the 17th day, for one day.
  • Menachem Av: Tisha b'Av, on the 9th day, for one day.
  • Elul: no holidays.
  • Tishrei: Rosh Hashanah*, on the first day of the month, for one day (but the holiday is observed for 2 days both in the Diaspora and in Israel.) Fast of Gedaliah, on the 3rd day, for one day. Yom Kippur*, on the 10th day, for one day. Sukkot*, on the 15th day, for 7 days. Hoshana Rabba*, on the 21st day, for one day. Shemini Atzeret*, on the 22nd day for one day. Simchat Torah, on the 23rd day, for one day.
  • Marcheshvan: no holidays.
  • Kislev: Chanukah, on the 25th day, for 8 days.
  • Tevet: Asara B'Tevet, on the 10th day, for one day.
  • Shevat: Chamisha Asar B-Shevat, on the 15th day, for one day.
  • Adar: Fast of Esther*, on the 13th day, for one day. Purim*, on the 14th day, for one day. Shushan Purim*, on the 15th day, for one day.
The following are events that I would be honored to officiate:

Bar/Bat Mitzvah - A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is more than simply a graduation, an affirmation of intellect, and an excuse for a party. It is the confirmation of character development, and a window to the sacred. Bar and Bat Mitzvah is what a young person "becomes" when turning 13. It is not a verb, as in "The Rabbi bar/bat mitzvahed my son/daughter. Bar and Bat Mitzvah literally translates as "song or daughter of the commandment. What it really "means" is old enough to be responsible for mitzvot. Mitzvot are the commandments that a Jewish person does in order to not only live a Jewish life, but also a sanctified life.

Interested in conversion to Judaism? Let me help you with your studies, answer your questions and prepare you for the Beit Din and mitzvah.

Baby Naming Ceremony - Brit Milah or Brit Bat - Gather the family together to celebrate the naming of your child. Let me create a memorable ceremony for your beautiful baby. Choosing a name with meaning and family history.

Consecration of a House - Lets place the Mezuzah on the doorpost of your home. Gather your friends and family as you celebrate the consecration of your home. Blessings abound.

I have my own Torah, and I am willing to travel anywhere to be with you during your special time.